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Minutes, 4 December 2003 WS Desc WG telcon

From: Allen Brookes <abrookes@roguewave.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2003 13:55:09 -0800
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Scribe: Allen Brookes

Erik Ackerman Lexmark
Mike Ballantyne Electronic Data Systems
David Booth W3C
Allen Brookes Rogue Wave Software
Roberto Chinnici Sun Microsystems
Paul Downey British Telecommunications
Youenn Fablet Canon
Tom Jordahl Macromedia
Jacek Kopecky Systinet
Dan Kulp IONA
Sandeep Kumar Cisco Systems
Philippe Le Hégaret W3C
Amelia Lewis TIBCO
Lily Liu webMethods
Jonathan Marsh Chair (Microsoft)
Jean-Jacques Moreau Canon
David Orchard BEA Systems
Bijan Parsia University of Maryland MIND Lab
Arthur Ryman IBM
Jeffrey Schlimmer Microsoft
William Vambenepe Hewlett-Packard
Sanjiva Weerawarana IBM
Umit Yalcinalp Oracle
Prasad Yendluri webMethods, Inc.
Glen Daniels Sonic Software
Dietmar Gaertner Software AG
Kevin Canyang Liu SAP
Ingo Melzer DaimlerChrysler
Dale Moberg Cyclone Commerce
Jerry Thrasher Lexmark
2. Approval of minutes: - Nov 20th telcon
3. Review of Action items
PENDING 2003-07-31: Philippe to make a proposal for fixing the 
HTTP binding.
PENDING 2003-09-11: Philippe to write a response to Mark Baker
proposing a property solution to HTTP verbs 
and ask whether this satisfies his request.
PENDING 2003-09-18: Marsh to review the QA operational
PENDING 2003-10-09: Bijan to look into message extensibility 
Issues (Appendix E, Jacek's review) wrt RDF data, 
and discuss with Jacek.
DONE 2003-10-23: Part2_Editors to clarify wording in 
fault-replaces-message rule that a fault is 
GENERATED but not necessarily SENT. 
PENDING 2003-11-03: PaulD to work out proposal for a top-level fault 
in more detail.
CLOSED 2003-11-03: JeffM to propose text to the effect that messages 
must conform to their schemas.
PENDING 2003-11-03: Umit (with help of Glen) will write up a proposal 
for normative dispatching feature.
PENDING 2003-11-04: Glen to write up rationale for removing headers 
(and?) proposal for a generic header-adding
DONE [.2] 2003-11-04: Jacekk to make proposal on combining the get/set 
style URIs into one.
PENDING 2003-11-13: Tibco\Amy to draft sample scenarios for MEPs.
PENDING 2003-11-13: DBooth to add discussion / example(s) re:
@schemaLocation for embedded schemas to the
PENDING 2003-11-20: alewis to write up circular includes in specese.
PENDING 2003-11-20: GlenD to write up Schemas in imported WSDL stuff
in specese.
DONE 2003-11-20: editors, add statement in specs recommending WSDL 
authors make WSDL doc available at the 
targetNamespace URI.
4. Administrivia 
a. Charter update review

Philippe: proposal, don't ask for extension, recharter instead.
Jonathan:  http://www.w3.org/2003/12/ws-desc-charter.html
Philippe: 1 - 2 weeks for us to review charter.  Send comments to Philippe
directly or through mailing list.
Bijan: is the new charter controversial?
Philippe: 2 additional years is controversial
Philippe: chair can reject an issue based only on schedule
Philippe: if schedule is going to change by more than 3 months than we have
to ask the director.
dbooth: change wording on schedule so that any issue will be accepted but
schedule will be taken into account
Philippe: must formally address all issues after last call
Jonathan: add language to allow chair to allow additional participants for
Jonathan: worry about being guinea pig for patent policy
Jonathan: Go for new 2 year charter but perhaps recharter in 3 months with
change in patent policy
Philippe: easier to start with 3 month extension and then recharter
Philippe will ask if 3 month extension is possible while waiting on patent

d. Joint TF with XMLP on representation of media types in XML. [.4] 

Jonathan: create a task for media types in XML
Umit will chair,  Allen will join.
Sanjiva will also join

6. New Issues. Merged issues list
. - Additional intermediary issues (Ugo)

Jeffsch: Already have Issue 96
Jonathan: add Ugo's post to Issue 96
7. Should binding/operation/infault|outfault@messageReference be optional?
 Resolved: accept Jeffsch proposal to drop @messageReference
 8. Proposal: rename "asynch-output-input"

Resolved: accept Amy's proposal
9. Proposal for combinding the two attribute operation styles to one

Roberto: what is the benefit of a single style
Jonathan: we had two styles that were related in a strange way

Resolved: Defer issue until decision is made on whether to support
10. HTTP binding options

Sanjiva: option 4 is reasonable but option 5 is broken, breaks message up
between URI and body
Umit: confusion about what option 5 means
Jonathan: option 4 seems to be the sweet spot, some want option 3, some
option 5
No new Action Items.
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