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Inheritance and parameter overloading in WSDL1.2

From: Ricky Ho <riho@cisco.com>
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2003 10:50:49 -0800
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To: www-ws-desc@w3.org

I have some questions regarding the "inheritance" of Port types, Message 
types ... etc.

Here are the message types

ComplexType Address {
         String street;
         String city;

ComplexType USAddress extends Address {
         String state;
         String zip;

ComplexType UKAddress extends Address {
         String postCode;

ComplexType PurchaseOrder {
         String poNumber;
         Address billingAddr;
         Address shippingAddr;
         float dollarAmount;

ComplexType CarPurchaseOrder extends PurchaseOrder {
         String model

Here is the service

PortType POHandling {
         void submitPO(PurchaseOrder po);

Q1) In XML Schema, can I define another complex type "USPurchaseOrder" that 
is derived from "PurchaseOrder" ?  I want to constrain both billingAddr and 
shippingAddr in "USPurchaseOrder" to be USAddress type.

Q2) In WSDL1.2, can I pass a message of type "CarPurchaseOrder" when 
invoking the "submitPO" operation of port type "POHandling" ?

Q3) In WSDL1.2, can I define another PortType as follows ?

PortType UrgentPOHandling extends POHandling {
         String getPOStatus(String poNumber)

Best regards,

>The property would be defined to be:
>property myBillingAddress type Address
>The abstract message (in the WSDL operation) would be defined to be:
>message someMessageType
>  sequence
>    billingAddress type Address
>    shippingAddress type Address
>    . . .
>The selector/alias would then express how you extract that message, for 
>property myBillingAddress = someMessageType/billingAddress
>Note that the property is still of type Address.
>A concrete message contain (just example):
>billingAddress xsi:type=USAddress
>  street  ...
>  zipcode ...
>The value of the property instance extracted from that message would be of 
>type USAddress and would contain the zipcode. But if the concrete message 
>contained an address of type UKAddress then the property instance would 
>also contain a UKAddress with a postal code.
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