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RE: Rationale to close the operation overloading issue

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Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 17:13:10 -0400
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The approach works for methods with any number of arguments since you can
define corresponding XML Schema types. In your example,

getAddress(name, surname)

I'd use the following type:

    <complexType name="getAddressType">
            <element name="socialNo" type="string"></element>
            <element name="nameSurname">
                        <element name="name" type="string"></element>
                        <element name="surname" type="string"></element>
            <element name="login" type="string">

There are many other equivalent ways to represent the method signatures as
XML Schema.

Arthur Ryman

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> These could be mapped to a single Web service operation named print that
> had an input message that allowed either int or float, e.g.
>     <complexType name="printType">
>         <choice>
>             <element name="int" type="int"/>
>             <element name="float" type="float"/>
>         </choice>
>     </complexType>

But this works only, if you have the same number of parameters.


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