Re: Choreography charter proposal: liaison with the Semantic Web Activity and the DAML-S committee

* Hugo Haas <> [2002-09-30 22:11+0200]
> I have been holding up the following comments on the choreography
> proposal in order to let people focus on their discussion topic at the
> time, and I now feel that it is the right time and place to spell them
> out:
> The proposed charter[1] does not mention any relationship with any
> Semantic Web work. I think that it is important to do so, because Web
> services will need semantics as has been underlined by people several
> times, and as the Web Services Architecture Requirements call out[2].

Since I only received positive feedback for this suggestion, I have
integrated some text in order to reflect liaisons with the Semantic
Web Activity and the DAML-S initiative in an updated version of the
proposal, that I also cleaned up a little:



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Received on Monday, 14 October 2002 05:17:30 UTC