WSA/WSD joint session at June FTF

Chris and I talked about the schedule for our joint session at the Paris
FTF.  Here are my notes:

Wed June 12 9AM

[20m] Introductions
[20m] 1000-foot overview of Architecture group (Chris or delegate)
[20m] 1000-foot overview of Description group (Jonathan or delegate)
(Not the 10,000 foot view, which I think we already know, and not the
1-foot view, which is too detailed.)

[20m] Break

[60m] Usage Scenarios
  Input: Presentation/Proposal by USTF (David Orchard): What is a Usage
Scenario, what is a Use Case?
  Output: Joint approval of where the line between Usage Scenario and
Use Case falls.

[40m] Requirements
  Input: WSA comments on WSD requirements (ASAP), WSD response to WSA
  Output: Resolution of WSA comments allowing re-publication of WSD
requirements, joint understanding of the overlap of WSD and WSA

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