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Minutes from 2002-03-12 WS-CG teleconference

From: Hugo Haas <hugo@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 16:20:06 -0500
To: www-ws-cg@w3.org
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David Fallside
Chris Ferris
Hugo Haas
Jonathan Marsh
Eric Miller - regrets


1. coord liaison with other groups
2. scheduling ws act wg f2f meetings
3. recharter xmlp
4. conduct business in public
5. charter requires wg to send status reports 24 hours before calls
6. status reports to be sent to public lists

1. coord liaison with other groups

df: with regards to xml-cg, chris already started, rotate on six month
cf: yes
df: i'll send michael a note, giving date and who takes over?
hh: you signed up for 6 months, end of august?
cf: yes
df: through aug 31?
cf: yes, who's next?
df: both jm and hh seemed happy to colunteer, hh gets to decide
if he's next...
hh: september exactly when i'm returning to france, happy to postpone
df: okay then jm seemed willing
ACTION: df to send email to xml-cg saying cf's tenure is until end
august and jm takes over from there
df: also means we should have regular slot on this call for regular
report from xml-cg
hh: i could also do a report from sw-cg, or eric could
df: anything to report?
cf: nothing to report really
df: okay, coord, liaison with semantic web...
hh: i'm attending semantic web cg, eric miller participates in ws-cg
description wg is going to have an rdf mapping of their language, that
should take care of s/w liaison
cf: we also have daml-s invited expert
hh: basically liaison with daml-s is external group, if we're on this
topic of liaison with external i can also talk about omg...
jm: on rdf mapping, we have first draft mapping sitting in our inbox, no
discussion has ensued yet, hoping this serves as foundation for work
going forward, assigned editor to it. still working on req'ts
df: anything else? what about wsawg?
hh: mybe we should talk to em about this? also talked to grid forum.
published a paper on how they used wsdl, how they would like to use ws
limitations they found in wsdl, what they're looking for in ws-arch.
talked about becoming w3c member (an dorganization in grid). need to
talk to chris more and follow up with david and philippe. would be good
to have invited expert from grid in ws-arch.
cf: would be ideal
hh: also talked to patrick gannon regarding liaison with OASIS, possibly
Karl Best in arch wg or maybe cg
df: like to know for each of these, for example xmlp spent weeks and
weeks back and forth with oasis. when ebxml wound down, they never came
back after that.
hh: happy to postpone this until i talk to msm who has experience with
cgs... oasis is a w3c member, would be good if Karl could participate in
wg, but he can anyway. that might be the way to go.
df: so grid guys are becoming members?
hh: didn't tell them to become member, but as invited expert but seemed
interested in becoming member anyway. would like to send pointer to
paper and tell us what they found. they are doing things that others
don't do and then shut them down. have alot of transaction and state...
df: one way to proceed is they can participate today through mailing
lists. there is a sense that you want to see that they are committed
to participating, have something useful to say and test that hypothisis
by analyzing their contributions... have basis for inviting them as
hh: would be possible to invite them to next f2f
jm: if they're representing the other group.
hh: good point
df: so argonne, global grid guys are thinking about this.
hh: i told them i would get back to them
ACTION: hugo to invite them to participate in mailing list and maybe
invite them as observer to next f2f
cf: is there a chair of ggf?
hh: not sure of heirarchy, can talk to steven ???? to ask him to get
recommendation from ggf leadership to represent them
df: do we want to invite these guys?
hh: we should do something about this, they're doing interesting things.
don't think this is that much work.
df: okay
df: we've done ... only one left is WS-I?
hh: still not much more info than couple weeks ago. waiting for
responses to questions from Janet.
jm: they've had first board meeting
hh: any info?
jm: no, just saw some mail
df: in process of responding, setting up structures to respond to w3c
hh: that makes sense they're still setting things up
df: should we ask same questions about global grid?
hh: good question, situation is slightly different
df: ws-i could join w3c
hh: yes
df: maybe that's what ws-i board is considering?
hh: would make sense if they consider that, you may have more info than
df: i can change hats easily:)
jm: if they just had first meeting, we can be patient, see what develops
df: ws-i is something of a placeholder for now, nothing to be done at
the moment. we'll likely revisit

2. scheduling ws act wg f2f meetings

jm: trying to collect hosts, offer from Cannon in france but they're not
in wsawg. maybe somewhere near there. probably need to alternate
east, west and europe.
hh: maybe inria could organize, maybe paris, don't know
. when is this?
jm: 6 11-13 6 18-20 tues-thursday if we need to adjust to accomodate wsawg
df: looking for wsd and wsa
jm: only offered for wsd.
jm: can wsawg work around this?
cf: disa offered again
jm: yes, talked to them. any of three weeks of sept avoids labor
day and other holidays. preference would be 17-19 work around
yom kippur.
jm: will mail around calendar. when is next xmlp?
df: that's something we're going to nail down today/tomorrow
4-6th of June in west coast. tied to west coast because we just
went to europe.

3. charter requires wg to send status reports 24 hours before calls
4. status reports to be sent to public lists

df: do we want to post irc logs?
hh: tag is posting irc logs. they have a scribe taking minutes.
df: they type the notes/minutes in irc log?
hh: they did a summary but wasn't good use of time
df: we could do that, need to remove phone number, etc from log
but have no great ...
hh: we can try this and see what people see
df: can you (hh) take last irc log, remove numbers and post? if you
post to public list, does that handle it?
hh: i think so
ACTION: hh to clean irc log and post to pubic list
hh: this combined with status sent to public list, we should be okay
cf: what's supposed to be in these status reports?
hh: ws-cg modelled after xml-cg but they operate in member space
df: as wg chair, i have one more piece of stuff to put out every week
hh: if you believe that other wgs can live with out that, maybe okay.
reluctant to say we bypass 'cuz it is in charter.
df: but because it was cut-n-paste...
hh: yeah, but even if it is open, this might be useful for some
df: from cg pov it is benefit to other groups and to activity
cf: could this be a summary in the weekly minutes?
hh: yes, if we publish the uri, etc.
df: haven't got time for full page status.
hh: yes, but some are really short, still benefits
cf: can we revisit this in a couple months?
df: yes, let's reevaluate in a couple three months
ACTION 12-June-2002: revisit status reporting
df: needs to remind himself to remind chairs to produce status report

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