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RE: proposed revision text for sect 1.5.3

From: Christopher B Ferris <chrisfer@us.ibm.com>
Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 20:04:55 -0400
To: "Cutler, Roger (RogerCutler)" <RogerCutler@chevrontexaco.com>
Cc: www-ws-arch@w3.org, www-ws-arch-request@w3.org
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Roger Cutler wrote on 05/31/2003 03:01:50 PM:

> I believe that the "partially" refers to the concept, made very explicit
> by the Booth diagrams, that a full description of the Web service
> involves not only a machine readable component but also other
> information that David calls "semantics".  If I am correct, I think that
> this is an important concept to keep in mind and to have clearly

It is, in the very next section. I see no reason to keep the 

> documented.  However, the fact that you obviously interpreted the word
> differently means that, even if I am correct about the intention, it
> needs to be spelled out more clearly.

And I believe it is, in the very next section.

> While we are talking about clarity, I have to admit that I do not
> understand at all the second of your two long sentences.  (The one that
> starts "It also specifies ...").  I don't get it either grammatically or
> conceptually.  I think that at the least it needs some wordsmithing.
> Finally, it seems that you are trying to be more precise, but it ends up
> pretty heavy reading.  The phrase that you are objecting to you is,
> admitedly, imprecise but it is easy reading.  Perhaps one could devise a
> combination of these approaches -- like the sentence you don't like
> followed by verbiage along the lines you are suggesting?

See my previous post. Hopefully it is a little easier on the eyes.


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