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RE: WSA architectural concepts and relationsihips related to WS, SOA , and the Web

From: Champion, Mike <Mike.Champion@SoftwareAG-USA.com>
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 17:58:24 -0400
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> Subject: Re: WSA architectural concepts and relationsihips related to
> WS, SOA , and the Web
> - REST doesn't concern itself with "minimal set", because it doesn't
> need to; the minimality of interface semantics is a 
> consequence of their generality/uniformity
> - CRUD isn't relevant to REST except as another example of a 
> constrained interface

OK, I'm struggling to separate the specifics of HTTP from the general
principles of REST, and in separating out the general principle of a
"uniform interface" with the specific operations defined by HTTP.  I do find
it interesting, and probably relevant that CRUD maps directly to the basic
HTTP verbs ... but I would be happy to leave that out if we can talk about
the minimal set of operations on resources ... which amount to creating,
reading, updating, and deleting  them, no?

>  subset of the WWW in which AGENTS are constrained to, amoungst other
>  things, exposing and using SERVICES via uniform interface semantics,
>  and manipulating resources by the exchange of "representations".

The "amongst other things" is definitely an improvement.

> BTW, that's assuming that "AGENT" is synonymous with "software
> component", which appears to be the case by the arch doc (sec 
> though the SERVICE definition you provided appears to 
> disagree with it.

Hmm, as I recall we long ago banned the term "component", and agreed to use
"agent" to align the WSA with the Webarch.  I guess that hasn't been
consistently reflected in the editing.

But remember, the document has been written by 6-8 people over the past 9
months, and clearly needs smoothing and consistency checking. The point of
my proposal is to see if we are more or less on the same page before
imposing all that work on the editors.
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