Announcement: Travel Fellowships to ISWC 2008

Greetings, and apologies for multiple postings -

We are happy to announce that two organizations have generously contributed
funds to support participation by full-time students in ISWC 2008. The
Semantic Web Science Association (SWSA) and the U.S. National Science
Foundation (NSF) will provide 10,000 Euro and $20,000 respectively, with
NSF funds being earmarked to support students attending U.S. Universities.
We anticipate that the SWSA funds will support 10 awards of 1000 Euro, and
that the NSF funds will support 13 awards of approximately $1500.

Our goal is to encourage students who want to become part of the Semantic
Web research community, and we hope that participation in ISWC 2008 will
be a significant event in the graduate careers of the selected students.

In selecting applications for travel support, preference will be given to
students selected to participate in the doctoral consortium, followed by
students who are first author on a paper accepted at the conference,
followed by students who have other authorship on a conference or related
workshop paper.

Details on how to apply are at

Applications are due August 15, with notification of success by Sept. 1.

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