AAAI-05 and ISWC

Dear Semantic Web Colleagues,

As part of the upcoming Twentieth National Conference on Artificial
Intelligence (AAAI-05), AAAI is pleased to announce the first AI
Sister Conference Highlights Program, which will have representatives
from 13 major AI conferences summarizing the highlights and hotspots
of their communities. For a complete list, please see
You'll note that ISWC2004 has been asked to overview our conference.

As the early registration deadline approaches (this Friday, May 13),
We wanted to draw your attention to several conference details. A
preliminary copy of the conference schedule at a glance can be found
at In
addition, the list of 229 accepted AAAI papers is at and
the IAAI-05 list of deployed and emerging applications is at

The conference program chairs (AAAI-05: Manuela Veloso and Subbarao
Kambhampati; IAAI: Neil Jacobstein and Bruce Porter) have put
together a wonderful slate of invited speakers, including:

Keynote: Marvin Minsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Presidential Address: Ron Brachman, Corporation for National Research

Invited Speakers:
   Tucker Balch, Georgia Institute of Technology
   Chitta Baral, Arizona State University
   Amy Greenwald, Brown University
   Marti Hearst, University of California, Berkeley
   Sridhar Mahadevan, University of Massachusetts
   Dana Nau, University of Maryland

   J. Martin Tenenbaum: The Future of AI and the Web
   Jeff Hawkins, Redwood Neuroscience Institute: AI Winter into Spring:
      Can a New Theory of Neocortex Lead to Truly Intelligent Machines?
   Martin Keane: Real-world Applications of Genetic Programming

Robert S. Engelmore Memorial Lecture: James A. Hendler, University of

Finally, the Intelligent Systems Demonstration Program will showcase
22 state-of-the-art AI implementations, and the Robot Program
currently has 15  participating teams, and more are expected.

Additional information about these and other AAAI-05 programs is
being posted on the web site daily. Detailed schedules should be
available soon. Please feel free to contact AAAI at
if you have any questions.

We hope you can join us in Pittsburgh!

Sheila McIlraith on behalf of AAAI-05
(program co-chair, ISWC 2004)

Received on Saturday, 14 May 2005 01:32:00 UTC