ESWC05 -- Call for Posters and Software Demos

Call for Posters and Software Demos

European Semantic Web Conference ESWC 2005
Heraklion, Crete
May 29th - June 1st 2005

The ESWC 2005 Program Committee invites proposals for the 
demonstrations and poster program. This program is intended to 
showcase innovative Semantic Web related implementations and 
technologies. Submissions will be evaluated on the basis of their 
innovation, relevance, scientific contribution, reusability, and 
presentation, by an international committee.

Areas of Interest

We would like to encourage the submission of proposals for 
demonstrations of software related to any areas of the Semantic Web. 
Areas of interest related to Semantic Web technology include, but are 
not limited to:

* Social Software and Portals
* Semantic Desktop Systems and Tools
* P2P systems
* Annotation tools
* Novel query and browsing interfaces
* Data visualization
* Ontology development environments
* Ontology libraries and management systems
* Tools for merging, integrating or articulating ontologies
* Tools for merging, integrating or articulating instance data
* Reusable components and APIs for RDF, DAML+OIL, OWL, etc.
* Repositories and inference systems
* Applications
* Agent systems embedded in the Semantic Web
* Systems that identify and compose web services

Requested Contributions We are looking for contributions whose nature 
make them less suited for submission to the official paper track. We 
would like to emphasize this point and make clear that the poster 
session is more than a second chance for a rejected paper.

In particular, we ask for contributions of the following kind:

* Late-breaking and Speculative Results: 
Significant and original ideas and promising approaches to resolve 
open problems in semantic web research that are in an early stage and 
have not been verified and tested sufficiently to meet the 
requirements of a scientific publication. Submissions in this area 
will be evaluated like a scientific paper but limited to the aspects 
of originality, relevance and significance.

* Systems and Infrastructure: 
Descriptions (preferably accompanied by demonstration) of new systems 
that use semantic web technology to solve important real world 
problems. We are also looking for software infrastructure supporting 
the development of systems that use semantic web technologies. 
Systems will be evaluated based on novelty and significance of the 
application as well as the use of semantic web technologies for 
solving the problem. Main criteria for contributions on 
infrastructure is successful use in existing applications as well as 
uniqueness of the provided services.

* Projects and Initiatives: 
Descriptions of the objectives and results of ongoing projects and 
initiatives. The aim is to provide an overview of ongoing work in the 
area of the semantic web. Contributions in this area will be 
evaluated based on the importance and uniqueness of the objectives. 
Further criteria for project descriptions are the significance of 
results, descriptions of initiatives will also be evaluated with 
respect to the expected impact on the community .

Submissions Format and Procedure

Please submit papers by the deadline by email (pdf/zipped HTML) to:

The abstract should describe the content of the poster or demo to be 
demonstrated as well as the architecture and the availability of the 
software (if any) and should also include including title, authors, 
full contact information, and references (limited to a small number 
of closely related publications).

Important Dates

Abstract submission: March 1, 2005
Acceptance notification: April 8, 2005
Camera ready Abstracts due: May 2, 2005

Contact Information:

Demo Chair
Stefan Decker
Digital Enterprise Research Institute
National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland
phone: +353 91 512483
fax2email: +1 503 905 7502

Poster Chair
Heiner Stuckenschmidt
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
phone: +31 20 598 7752
fax: +31 20 598 7653

 Dr. York Sure
 Institute AIFB, University of Karlsruhe (TH)
 phone: +49 (0) 721 608 6592

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