Re: So Long and thanks for all the fish

thanks to you and guus also for all of the work.

i have a couple of questions about the documents:
- what happens to the webont owl documents?  will they be evolved by w3c 
at all?  for example, there was some formatting issue with columns in a 
number of the documents and i am not sure if that got resolved.  As an 
editor/author, i had said that it was fine for a w3c person or another 
person to make any useful formatting updates  but i am not sure that 
that ever happened. 

- at the daml pi meeting, the program manager - mark greaves - mentioned 
that he anticipated an owl 2.0.  with webont coming to an official end, 
is there a mechanism for an evolution to happen? 


Jim Hendler wrote:

> All-
>  As of Monday, the 31st of May, our working group will officially come 
> to an end.  We have achieved all that we were chartered to do, and I 
> believe our work is being quite well appreciated.  Mail on various 
> lists shows use of OWL is increasing, and many people at the recent 
> WWW conference, from companies as well as universities, talked to me 
> about their use of OWL (In fact, I was even given permission by some 
> at Microsoft Research Laboratories to say that there are people in 
> their Labs exploring the use of OWL).  While we have much education 
> and outreach to still to do, it is clear that we accomplished a lot 
> for a first working group in a language, and I hope we will get an 
> eventual chance to extend OWL in the future based on use over the next 
> couple of years.
>  Work on the Semantic Web will of course continue at WWW.  Guus' 
> Semantic Web Best Practices and Deployment WG is going well, and the 
> Distributed Access WG is helping to provide infrastructure that will 
> help in the extension of Semantic Web applications, and thus the 
> greater use of RDF and OWL.  Those of you looking for a way to spend 
> your idle telecon hours are encouraged to explore these groups.  In 
> addition, W3C has expressed interest in exploring rules and other 
> extensions to semantics, so keep your eye out for announcements about 
> upcoming activites
>  As chairs, we want to thank all of you, and especially the editors of 
> the documents, for all the hard work you put into making this working 
> group a success.   It's been a great group, and we will look forward 
> to interacting with all of you more in the future.
>   So, in the word's of the late Douglas Adams, "So long, and thanks 
> for all the fish"
>  Jim and Guus.
> [1] 
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