RE: More tests

> One type of test that we are missing is small tests that, while
> potentially easy may prove difficult for some naive implementations.
> Attached is an example of such a test. The "TEST" class, and hence the
> ontology, is inconsistent. I would like to add several of these kinds
> of test to the test suite.
> I would be interested to hear how the various implementations fare on
> this test (FaCT can pass it in about 10ms, not including parsing).
> The test is currently in DL but could easily be converted into Lite.

I will add this, and also see if my autoconvert DL=>Lite code still works.

You suggested switching from DatatypeProperties to ObjectProperties or
vice-versa didn't you?

If you've more tests to donate, let's put them in.

(It won't be til tomorrow at the earliest though).


Received on Thursday, 25 September 2003 10:40:00 UTC