Jena2 OWL syntax checker interim report


the current Jena2 CVS copy now passes all but five of the syntax checker 

The report in RDF is at:

The five failed tests are:

disjointWith-006 is found as OWL DL not Full
disjointWith-004 is found as OWL DL not Full
disjointWith-008 is found as OWL DL not Full
  - at risk feature not yet implemented.
I5.8-016 is found as OWL Lite not Full
 - the Jena syntax checker agrees with Peter's system here
(but not with me :( )

I5.26-006 is found as OWL DL not Full
 - the 'occurs check' is not yet implemented.

There are some other unimplemented features, which are not exercised in the 
test suite. I will add tests for these, which Jena will fail, before fixing 
the code.

A further report will follow.

Dave Reynolds will report on the semantic tests soon.


Received on Wednesday, 24 September 2003 09:15:27 UTC