Re: Processing instruction in owl.rdf

Jeremy Carroll wrote:

>What does:
><?xml-stylesheet href="" 
The xml-stylesheet PI is specified in 

This is a way give a browser (or other user-agent) a link to a 
stylesheet with which to perform a transform (e.g.. on the client and 
e.g. to display the XML document in a format suitable for the user). 
I've seen the type="text/xsl" used to associate an XSLT with the XML 
document. I presume "application/xml" is also used here to specify that 
the stylesheet is in fact an XSLT. By inspecting the href, one gets the 
idea that the RDFS is intended to be transformed into HTML for human 

I'd note that XML PIs are generally not intended to affect the 
"semantics" (quotes intended) of the XML document, rather are intended 
to transmit application specific information such as for rendering, 
tidbits for server software etc. In specific PIs do not affect the 
validity of a document i.e. are not constrainable by DTDs or XSDs or 


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