Re: testing galen.owl

On September 20, Jos De_Roo writes:
> Bijan asked me to have an euler run of
> and I tried a simple query
> ie find ?A rdfs:subClassOf ?B.
> with option --think (find more solutions)
> and --nope (no proof explanation of the results).
> The answer we found is at
> but I'm wondering how that compares to
> It is hard to check that manually. Ian?
> Maybe I should do some other tests; I'm not yet
> that familiar with ontology practice...

If you can provide results in the same format as [1], then I have
software that will compare the two sets of results and output any
differences. In case you are puzzled by the contents of [1], it
reports the subsumption partial ordering of named classes in the
ontology in the form of a set of "taxonomy locations" for each class
name in the ontology, where a taxonomy location consists of a
lisp-style list containing 3 elements: the class name, a list of its
direct superclasses, and a list of its direct subclasses.



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> Jos De Roo, AGFA

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