Re: Fwd: OWL Test Cases and Species Validation

Proposed response to Michael Grove
(Note the current editors draft of imports-011 still has a known bug, it will 
be updated before the response is sent to Michael).


The test file

is in OWL Full because the URIref node

is the subject of a triple (the owl:imports triple), but has not been given 
a type.

To further clarify this we have added a new test imports-011 which is similar 
to imports-001 but with the missing triple. Hence
 is in Lite not Full.
(See the editors draft:


The file is in OWL DL not OWL Lite.

An analysis of sections 2 and 4 of S&AS shows that in OWL Lite there are no 
blank nodes with explicit type owl:Class, except those which also have 
explicit type owl:Restriction

This is echoed in OWL Reference:
Sec. 8.3 of Reference also contains the following constraint on OWL Lite 
(see just below the intersectionOf bullet):

* the object of rdf:type triples be named classes or restrictions;

To further clarify we will add the following statement concerning OWL Lite to 
sec 8.3 of reference.
Blank nodes representing classes should be of type owl:Restriction.

Thanks very much for this feedback, please send more.

Please respond, copying, indicating if you 
withdraw the comment that tests
are incorrect. Please also indicate whether you are satisfied that the changes 
we are making adequately address your difficulties.


Jeremy Carroll


Received on Friday, 19 September 2003 08:48:55 UTC