changes to OWL Test Results

Since last week:
  - now lists any/all levels for a test
  - there's an introductory/explanitory paragraph at the top,
    linking to the editors-draft change log
  - page regeneration is fast, and gives some feedback
  - changed "Incomplete" to "Undecided", to try to make it more clear
    that these are TestRuns where the reasoner failed to make a
    decision (which would have resulted in a Pass or Fail); the term
    "Incomplete" suggested something about the reasoner being tested
    being incomplete, which is not necessarily the case.  (If no one
    has a better suggestion soon, I'll change the ontology and code to
    support either term in the test results, for migration.)

Still haven't gotten to:
    - reflect addition of EXTRACREDIT as new kind of APPROVED
    - answer more CR-exit questions?
    - totals/statistics
    - provide lists of Approved/Proposed by the number of systems
          which pass (0, 1, 2+)
    - better reporting of syntax & network errors during load
    - do something like IMPORTS so sources can have parts be separate

Received on Wednesday, 17 September 2003 17:00:24 UTC