Re: description-logic/consistency605

Charles White wrote:

> Jeremy,
> Down below, you indicate that the relative URIs should not begin with / or .
> The cases I have found (10 or so different files) all have relative URIs that start with /
> See the example contained in my note below. 
> So my question remains, is this legal syntax?
> chas

The syntax is legal, (as defined in RFC 2396).

I was suggesting that we could decide not to use this syntax in the OWL 
Test Cases (it is somewhat obscure).

There are masses (many more than 10) of these in the section on harder lite 
It was unintended on my part (I automatically generated these tests from 
Sean's tests, and had recently updated the output module in Jena to use 
relative URIs where possible:

I believe that the particular relative URIs for owl:XXX and xsd:YYY are:
a) unnecessary
b) potentially confusing in an unhelpful way
    (they depend on a base URI).

c) However, most are in approved tests, which most implementors do not have 
difficulty with.

Personally I find a) and b) more compelling than c), but don't quite have 
enough discretion to make the change; I will propose this as a change to be 
discussed at a telecon.


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