Dave's modified tests

(Sorry I forgot to talk about this at the telecon)

Dave Reynolds suggested modifications to about 10 tests to remove dependence 
on comprehension axioms.

Modified FunctionalProperty/Manifest005

   Individual(foo:object, type(owl:Thing))
   ObjectProperty(foo:prop, Functional)
   Class(foo:compClass1 complete
               restriction(foo:prop, maxCardinality(1)))

   Individual(foo:object, type(owl:Thing) type(owl:compClass1))

Is there sufficient consensus for
2. Augment the test cases by duplicates in this style.

I understand that Dave already has the modified tests so this is low cost.
I believe it will help clarify the separate parts of the RDFS-compatible 

On the list, 
Jim was in favour, "a good idea"
Ian opposed "misguided"
Peter ?? (abstain?) 
"I don't see any benefit"/"might be a good idea"

I am in favour, because of additional clarity in comprehension rules.

We have invited implementor contributions to test - we have had many good 
contributions from network inference - I think we should tend to accept 
rather than reject implementor suggestions at this stage.


Received on Friday, 12 September 2003 03:38:19 UTC