status of OWL related work at OMG

Update on ontology technology activity at the Object Management Group (OMG)

The OMG has received four initial responses to its RFP for an Ontology
Definition Metamodel[1]. As a reminder, this is the RFP issued to
essentially develop a UML profile (a UML lexicon) at OMG for defining
ontologies along with a direct mapping to OWL.  Thus it will provide a
normative UML presentation syntax for OWL.

The four submissions will be presented in the Analysis and Design
Platform Task Force meeting in Boston on Tuesday, 9 September (agenda
at [2]).  Revised Submissions (something akin to Last Call Working
Drafts in the W3C process) are due 27 October.  The submitters are
listed below, along with URLs for non-member access to their Initial
Submission documents:

 Sandpiper Software, Inc
		     (MDL file)
 Gentleware AG

The Ontology PSIG will also meet Tuesday[3], after these presentations
to discuss the submissions, the rfp schedule, and potential extensions to
the metamodel.


Evan K. Wallace - CoChair OMG Ontology PSIG
Manufacturing Systems Integration Division

[1] Ontology Definition Metamodel Request for Proposal
    Document -- ad/03-03-40

[2] Analysis and Design PTF Agenda for Boston meeting

[3] Ontolgy PSIG agenda for Boston meeting

Received on Friday, 5 September 2003 11:08:15 UTC