Jena implementation report plans

Dan Connolly wrote:

> ACTION: Jeremy - Will ask Dave Reynolds re reasoner status over useful
> subsets of OWL Full.

I have discussed our plans with Dave Reynolds.
(Dave - please correct any errors in this message)

We are unlikely to provide a formal report before Sept 20.

We are planning to provide two separate reports, hopefully before the end 
of Sept.

One report will be for our OWL Syntax Checker, another will be for the OWL 

For both components we are currently migrating from the LC specs to the CR 

For the syntax checker, we are not planning to implement the feature at 
risk during the CR phase.

For semantics we aim mainly at passing the easier (smaller) entailment 
tests, and to pass the non-entailment tests to the extent of not finding 
the entailment (we do not prove the non-entailment). We do not have an 
implementation of the comprehension axioms.

We do not have a component directly corresponding to an OWL Consistency 

In the next few days, we plan to make a comment concerning the 
comprehension asioms, suggesting that more tests should be added to permit 
testing the semantics of some features without testing the comprehension 
axioms. (We already have modified forms of some of the tests which we could 
contribute to the test suite).


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