On RDF/I18N issue

Guus (offlist):
 >Jeremy, any progress on this action?

 >ACTION: Jeremy to send his discussion of some of the issues re
 >xml:lang and literals to WG.

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see html attachment (also on this message).

The bit missing is the explanation of the issue which I will summarize now:

consider the xml:lang attribute in this

<rdf:RDF xml:lang="fr">
   <rdf:Description rd:ID="x">
     <eg:prop rdf:parseType="Literal">

According to XML, and the RDF last call documents, the xml:lang is in scope 
  for the string "chat", and it is understood as French.

According to the latest decisions by the RDF Core WG, the syntactic 
treatment of the content of the element with rdf:parseType="Literal" is 
mediated by exclusive XML Canonicalization and the (external) xml:lang is 

(I believe new RDF WDs will be published this week).


Received on Monday, 1 September 2003 11:50:46 UTC