Re: Agenda items for Thursday's telecon

> This is a reminder that there will be a telecon this week (Oct 30,

regrets; I will be traveling back at that time...

> 2003) -- agenda items will include
>   test cases

1/ I had an action item

| [from the WebOnt telecon 2003-10-02]
| ACTION Jos: make addtional query-style tests.

and the status so far is at
but the latest status of the test results still shows

6. Entailment Tests (8 Proposed DL)
No results on these tests for: Cerebra FaCT Jena2 Jena2 (Syntax)
Pellet Surnia WonderWeb

       Test               Euler  FOWL     Hoolet   OWLP     Pellet

(levels:DL, Full)
  Which wine goes well
  with which food.        Pass   no data  no data  no data  Fail

(levels:DL, Full)
  Which wine hasSugar
  OffDry.                 Pass   no data  no data  no data  no data

2/ as far as I can see, I agree with Jeremy's proposed
tests for approval (give proxy to Jim)

>   the resolution to untyped URIs
>   Sean's document
>   RDF Core review
> Are there any other agenda items people would like to see included?
> Please let me know
>   -JH

Jos De Roo, AGFA

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