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schedule for related OMG specification:ODM

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Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 16:08:58 -0400 (EDT)
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At yesterday's telecon I said I would send an email with information
on the latest schedule for the developing specification at OMG which
relates UML to OWL.  Here it is in a terse form.  Explanations of
the abbreviations follow.


Schedule (as of Oct 2003) of events related to the Ontology Definition
Metamodel (ODM) specification developing at OMG:

Feb 2-6, 2004	    Ontology PSIG meeting in Anaheim reviewing status 
		    of merged proposals

Mar 29		    Deadline for submission of revised proposals

Apr 26-30	    Presentation(s) to ADTF of revised proposal(s)

June 21-25	    ADTF and AB vote to recommend proposal at Paris mtg

June 25 - Aug	    PTC email/FAX vote takes place over extended period

Aug or Nov	    BoD votes to approve technology

Aug or later	    ODM Finalization Task Force (FTF) forms		    

	Ontology PSIG: this is the subgroup of the Platform Technology
		       Committee (PTC) which produced the RFP, but did
		       not have the authority to issue it.

	PTC: One of three Technical Plenaries of the OMG.  Concerned with
	     generally applicable technologies such as modeling langugages
	     and middleware.

	ADTF: Analysis and Design Task Force - this is the PTC subgroup 
              which actually issued the ODM RFP, it has also produced
	      specs for UML, MOF, and XMI.

	AB: Architecture Board - an OMG plenary body consisting of
	    individuals elected by members to insure that OMG adopted
	    specifications are correct, consistent wrt related OMG
	    specs, and add into a coherent suite of standards. This
	    group also signed-off on (recommended) the ODM RFP
	    before it could be issued.

	BoD: OMG Board of Directors - must see evidence (such as
	     proposers' business plans) that products will be
	     available which conform to a proposed spec within a year
	     of its approval.  This group meets to review recommended 
	     specifications only at certain (~50%) OMG TC meetings.

	FTF/RTF: Finalization/Revision Task Force - a subgroup of the
	         plenary which developed a specification. The purpose
		 of this subgroup is to address issues found with a
		 particular adopted spec.  This typically leads to a
		 specification revision.


Evan K. Wallace
Manufacturing Systems Integration Division
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