Re: Test Results Organisation (sic)

At 12:48 AM -0400 10/8/03, Sandro Hawke wrote:
>In response to frequest requests, I have changed the Tests-of-Interest
>section to just list the tests grouped by the number of systems which
>      -- sandro

THis is helpful for one of the things we need to do with this 
(determine the overall status of our tests and which are being 
passed), but it is less helpful from another perspective -- it would 
help me in writing the PR request to be able to say which, if any, 
system(s) "Passed every Lite test,"  "Passed every DL test," and 
(wouldn't it be wonderful) "Passed every test.."  more realistically, 
I'd love to be able to say "System1 passed 92% of all Lite tests," 
"System 2 passed 86% of all DL tests" etc. (and getting 80% of some 
of these is CR exit criterion) -- so what would really help me (and I 
think a number of other people have indicated wanting it as well) is 
if we had sections sorting the tests by OWL Subset (Lite, DL but not 
Lite, Full but not DL or Lite) and how the various systems did on 
those.  I don't know how hard that would be to do -- but if not too 
hard, would sure help me as chair (as well as being useful for 
informing the world how various systems do overall)
  thanks for considering this
p.s. If anyone wants to help Sandro with this, I bet he'd be happy to 
share the secrets of how his stuff works :->

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