MINDLab Semantic Technologies Tutorials Announcement - Nov 3-6, 2003

Tutorials at MINDLab, College Park, MD, November 3-6, 2003

Following the White House Conference Center September 8th conference on
Semantic Technologies, TopQuadrant with Jim Hendler would like to bring
to your attention a new Semantic Technology Tutorial Series. The program
launch will take place in the Washington, DC, area at Jim Hendler's
MINDLab facility, at the University of MD, College Park, MD in early

These in-depth one and two day tutorials cover topical semantic and
knowledge technology areas.  Each is jointly designed and delivered with
Jim Hendler to feature the latest content, developments, standards and
state-of-the-art knowledge and experience in this important, emerging
field. The tutorials have been created based on the requests that we
have received for a pragmatic program for education and exploration of
the emerging semantic technologies. Three tutorials are offered:

An Introduction to Semantic Technologies    --  Nov. 3, 2003

A one day overview of the concepts behind Semantic Technologies  - this
course is non-technical in content and suitable for business and
technical managers,  as well as solution architects and information
architects.  It focuses on the application of the elements of semantic
technology that are  "ready for use", exploring  how these technologies
are being applied today to solve problems faced by many enterprises. 
Adopting Taxonomy and Ontology Solutions    --  Nov. 4, 2003

This one day course provides an overview of the use of taxonomies for
business applications including the state of the art and best practices
of taxonomy deployment today, case studies and a survey of the
capabilities provided by taxonomy software products. It also explores
the role of taxonomies as a foundation for more powerful semantic
solutions and offers a roadmap for migrating taxonomy solutions to
ontology-based semantic solutions. The course has been designed for
information modelers, taxonomists, content managers and anyone who is
involved in the organization of enterprise information. 

Beyond XML: A tutorial and comparative review of RDF/S, Topic Maps, and
OWL    --  Nov. 5-6, 2003
A two day, hands on, technical introduction to the technologies
underlying the semantic web -  this course has been designed for
technical managers, architects and developers seeking an understanding
of the standards and tools to support semantic integration, information
mark-up for semantic portals, and the Semantic WEB. Familiarity with XML
is required. The course will cover the different strengths and goals of
the three leading standards, their compatibility with other standards
and the implications of their syntax and semantics. Hands-on exercises
using semantic modeling tools are featured.

For  a detailed description of each tutorial and the overall series, and
to register to attend, please
www.topquadrant.com/seminars/tq_tutorials.htm.  The curriculum
emphasizes the practical use of semantic technology for enabling the
next generation of enterprise solutions for business and government.
Each class includes interactive participation, exploration and
evaluation.  Additional classes are planned for the series. Any offering
can be tailored to the specific needs of groups or organizations on
Contact us at 724-846-9300 or tutorials@topquadrant.com for questions or


Jim Hendler is Professor at the University of Maryland and Director of
Semantic Web and Agent Technology at the Maryland Information and
Network Dynamics Laboratory.  As Chief Scientist and Program Manager at
DARPA for the DAML program, he has been one of the major drivers in the
creation of the Semantic Web, and continues to be a prominent player in
the W3C's Semantic Web Activity. ____________________________

TopQuadrant maintains a constant watch on semantic technology products,
vendors and standards in order to act as a trusted intermediary for
customers who want to deploy successful solutions and gain an early
advantage from these emerging technologies.  Recently, TopQuadrant
co-organized the landmark event "Semantic Technologies for e-Government"
at the White House Conference Center, on September 8th 2003, and was
awarded Special Recognition by the Federal CIO Council's XML Web
Services Working Group for exceptional performance on the "Semantic
Technologies for eGov" Pilot Project.  


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