RE: Tests for approval (agenda erratum)

Tests for approval (agenda erratum)
Presumably those that are OWL Full Consistency or non-entailments are
proposed for approval as extra credit tests.

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  In the agenda, I have suggested that we approve some tests that are
currently proposed.  I suggested we coudl approve  83 tests (including 10
extra credit ones) -- I meant to propose that we approve the 73 proposed
tests.  I didn't mean to include the 10 extra credit tests as needing
approval, but to point out that these tests had been passed

  Please change 3.1 to read:

  3.1 Approval of proposed tests:

  Proposal that we approve an additional 83 tests:
  section 52 - 5 proposed Lite tests with 2 passes
  Section 53 - 9 proposed DL tests with 2 passes
  section 58 - 1 proposed Lite test with 3 passes
  section 59 - 12 proposed DL tests with 3 passes
  section 60 - 11 proposed Full tests with 3 passes
  section 65 - 4 proposed Lite tests with 4 passes
  section 66 - 21 proposed DL tests with 4 passes
  section 67 - 10 Proposed Full tests with 4 passes

  in addition, I should have pointed out that these are the results from:
   $Id: test-results-out.html,v 1.30 2003/11/04 04:40:56 sandro Exp $
  in case the document is updated before our meeting.


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