RE: Heads Up - Important meeting Thursday - PR Vote!!

Hi Jeremy,

> here are some, not sure about the completeness of this list:
> from
> ACTION Jeremy C: will update test doc accordingly.
>   (test approvals I think - don't forget the test:approval property
>   pointing at those minutes)

DONE (18 tests changed to APPROVED status)

> ACTION Jeremy C: to send email re precise change to S&AS.

don't know about that one...

> ACTION Jeremy C: Change Annotation-Proprety-003.

DONE (removed the typing of the property)

> ACTION Jeremy C: Clone Test Thing-001.
>   one version needs to have Thing with a singleton which is consistent
>   in OWL DL and inconsistent in OWL Full, another needs to show that
>   empty Thing is inconsistent in Both.

I've done the following:
obsoleted ConsistencyTest Thing-001

created InconsistencyTest Thing-003
# The extension of OWL Thing may not be emtpy in OWL Lite.

created ConsistencyTest Thing-004
# The extension of OWL Thing may be a singleton in OWL DL.

created InconsistencyTest Thing-005
# The extension of OWL Thing may not be a singleton in OWL Full.

> ?? not sure if this done
> ACTION Jeremy: to add a new test that highlights one of the issues in
>        message

AnnotationProperty-003 is now fixed
cardinality-007 was already obsoleted

> There's also a vaguish proposal from Sean a few weeks back for another
> imports test, where the import uses the .rdf suffix whereas the imported
> uses an xml:base without the suffix. The mismatch moves the test into OWL
> Full. Best to clone one of the OWL DL or OWL LIte imports level tests and
> just change the imports statement.

I found 62 occurrences of .rdf in 2002/03owlt/imports
but they were all enclosed by <!-- and --> and
so I haven't made an additional imports test :-)

Also the editors draft is updated at
(but I haven't changed the changes since LC...)
and that means also the manifest at

That's all for the moment...
(see that I have to do something to run Thing-005
adding an extra inconsistency detection...)

Jos De Roo, AGFA

Received on Monday, 10 November 2003 16:36:21 UTC