Re: yet more on QA

>I finally found the QA assessment of the QA WG by the QA WG - they really are 
>amazingly brazen!

This is somewhat old.  Some of the issues it identifies have been
fixed in the CR version.  A big one is the availability of a QA Process
Document template. This template is an example of the kind of useful 
resources that our review comments encourage them to produce.  

I think it is encouraging that they are performing these 
self-assessments.  It is also to their credit that they are requesting 
reviews such as the one we just performed on the QA Operational 
Guidelines.  It is puzzling though, why they would let the document we 
reviewed get to a CR state given they have all these tools at their 



Received on Thursday, 18 December 2003 17:20:43 UTC