Re: QAF Ops Guidelines review action [LONG]

Dan Connolly wrote:
>I was surprised to read that our charter doesn't include testing
>materials as a deliverable, but I double-checked, and you're
>right, it doesn't. I think it's in the RDF Core charter.

There were a few areas where WebOnt processes could have 
been improved by using QAF materials.  This was one of them.
In fact, I personally believe (can't speak for Jeremy on this)
that the W3C Process should strongly suggest that some vague
commitment to Test material development be made in the charter.
This opinion is motivated by problems I have witnessed in non-W3C
contexts with acquiring resources and vendor commitment for testing.
Having Test work in the charter creates the expectation that this is
just part of the work that must be done to develop a spec.  The
other side of this though, is not to open the door to mandating
that all kinds of test related details be worked out before 
WG formation.  The details of what, how, and when should be 
determined by those who will do the work i.e. the WG.

>A nit, mostly to provide evidence that I read the whole thing:

Very happy to hear that you and others read the whole thing.  The 
effort is appreciated.  The nit fix is now on my edit queue.


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