Re: PR drafts

just received mail sent on thanksgiving  so i just did the things guus 
pointed to today.
Frank had sent mail to guus over the holiday weekend so i do not know if 
he did anything.

What i did was to take the latest draft - stored in the normal place - and made 
updates in place so this version is now updated.  (I saved kept the sept 
5 version in the normal naming scheme as well -

and looked at guus' version at:

and used his sotd  (updated appropriately for overview),
used his wording for the title, used his naming scheme for "this 
version" line,
updated previous version to the cr spec,

and updated references with correct dates and added guus' references for
rdf/sml syntax, xml-schema2, ref concepts, ref schema, rdf semantics.

I got rid of the links to the CR-owl-xx documents except if they needed 
to point to the older version (as in changes from the xx document).

if frank could do the automatic checking on it, that would be great.

I did not introduce any formatting changes - only changed text.


Guus Schreiber wrote:

> To the editors:
> Please send email ti the list once the PR version is available. Except 
> for Test the changes are likely to be small and editorial. As Sandro 
> pointed out, we need the drafts by Monday Dec 1 in order to have a 
> transition meeting before the Dec 9 date.
> I created an editor's PR draft for Reference, which you might want to 
> cut-and-paste things from, like:
> - the STOD section as suggested in the draft PR request
>   ( member-confidential)
> - a updated list of references to OWL and RDF documents,
>   with the target 9 Dec date
> Unfortunately, I cannot access the DAML site, so this editor's draft 
> resides at:
> Guus

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