semantics document revised

There is a new version of the OWL/RDF semantics document at

This has been much changed in response to comments and suggestions by 
Ian and Peter, but they have not had a chance to review it yet so it 
may have some bugs in it still. In particular the 'strong' semantic 
conditions in section 4  may need to be strengthened so that 
rdfs:subClassOf is 'iff' on owl:Class. I am genuinely unsure quite 
how strong the full OWL semantic conditions are intended to be.

BTW, what was once called GHOWL is now the 'weak' semantics in section 3.


PS. I know I keep making excuses, but I have a good one this time: I 
fired a 3.5 inch nail into a finger with a pneumatic nail gun, which 
lost me a couple of days typing.

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Received on Tuesday, 10 September 2002 04:36:08 UTC