Re: Guide: draft of Oct 31

More syntax problems.

Due to the single-ID constraint on RDF, it is probably a mistake to use

<owl:Thing rdf:ID="#OffDry">
  <owl:sameClassAs rdf:resource="&vin;OffDry" />

Also, this makes a URI resource like ffff##OffDry, which is probably not
what was intended.

Instead use

<owl:Class rdf:about="#OffDry">
  <owl:sameClassAs rdf:resource="&vin;OffDry" />

Note, also the change from owl:Thing to owl:Class.   This is needed to stay
within OWL/DL.


PS: In general, I think that OWL should completely avoid rdf:ID, instead
    using RDF:about.

Received on Thursday, 31 October 2002 16:06:25 UTC