Re: Guide: More syntax

From: "Smith, Michael K" <>
Subject: Guide: More syntax
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 12:59:20 -0600

> I have been assuming that the case below is not legal.  I want to make
> sure that is correct.  That is, all of the set operators and oneOf
> require the parseType="Collection" attribute/value in order to support RDF
> processing.
> <owl:Class rdf:ID="WhiteWine">
>   <owl:intersectionOf>
>     <owl:Class rdf:about="#Wine" />
>     <owl:Class rdf:about="#WhiteThings" />
>   </owl:intersectionOf>
> </owl:Class>

This is *not* legal OWL/RDF.  A collection parsetype is needed. 

The reason that it is not legal is that it is not closed, i.e., more
elements could be added to the intersection (assuming that the intersection
had an ID, which it doesn't here, but there is no way in RDF of requiring
that such intersections do not have IDs).

> - Mike


Received on Tuesday, 29 October 2002 14:40:12 UTC