Re: owl:LiteOntology?

>Could you elaborate? I don't see how it's easier for toolbuilders
>to look for a property value than a class.

Our current tools work by quickly scanning a file looking for the 
owl:ontology statement - if there, we know this is an ontology and 
then parse it with appropriate semantics.  If we have three specific 
terms, it isn't much worse to scan for any of the three.  On the 
other hand, if we assume that owl:ontology is subclassible and you 
could have

<:foo rdf:about="">
  <owl:imports bar:>

then we would have to either always try inferencing or have some way 
of knowing the possible values.

As I said, I don't feel strongly about this one, just thought this 
would mean that the term "owl:ontology" would always be in an 
ontology file.


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Received on Saturday, 26 October 2002 20:11:18 UTC