SEM: peeking at approach to 4.6 EquivalentTo

The writing on semantics seems to be coming along great...

I noticed what looks like an inconsistency between
the "stance on issues" take on 4.6...


#  The document does not have a construct (like daml:equivalentTo) for
asserting that a name is the same as another name, assuming that issue
4.6 will be resolved against including this feature in OWL.

and an actual spec for that very feature:

excerpt from

Some OWL properties have iff characterizations

If E is then <x,y> \in EXTI(SI(E)) iff

owl:sameIndividualAs x = y

I hope the "stance on issues" bit is just out of date.

If you have a moment to confirm, or to explain why
it's not, I'd appreciate it.

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Friday, 25 October 2002 18:01:28 UTC