Re: importing and entialment

> [ Msg about HTTP 404 and logic ]

I think you don't mean 404; 500 might be better.

404 is document not found, which is used mainly when the URL is bad.
A 500 server error gets returned when something has gone wrong typically in 
the way the server is working.

In your example:
Document A:
Man subclassOf Mortal

Document B:
B imports A
Socrates type Man

typically when we get a 404 it would be because of a typo: we wrote A' instead 
of A. In which case there is no logic entailment.

I think a detailed study of which http error codes map to which sort of 
logically state should be outside the scope of what we do - but I agree with 
your general point that temporary network conditions should not impact the 
logical validty of an entailment. 404 is not temporary though.


Received on Tuesday, 22 October 2002 00:28:30 UTC