Re: Preliminary Agenda, Oct 17 call

I won't be at the call.  I expect that Pat won't as well.

Here is a quick update on

>  3) Status of Semantic Layering
>    f2f4 produced an approach to layering (see Frank van Harmelen's
>  notes in the minutes of the f2f)
>    Quick review of proposed solution
>    status report on efforts in this direction

I have an update of the abstract syntax document that includes a standard
model theory.  I have modified the translation to triples.  I also have a
revision of the model theory for Fast OWL. 

The reason for these modifications is to make the correspondence proof go
through.  I have most of this proof done, and I don't see any problems to
prevent the rest going through, although of course I could be mistaken.

All my stuff still has to be reconciled with Pat's semantics document.


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