Re: Addendum to OWL Lite Proposal - DisjointWith, oneOf

I would add two arguments to the motivation section of Raphael's document 
"Implementing OWL in Datalog":

It is important to offer a paradigm that is not too far away from paradigms 
people are already familiar with, e.g. UML, in general object oriented 
concepts. We have to be able to reach these kinds of persons in order to 
achieve impact in the commercial world.

Application Interoperability:
Interoperability between applications can be better achieved  in case you 
can make the statement: "Application is OWL LITE compatible". Then you know 
immediately if two applications rely on the same OWL level. Otherwise you 
have to check the used primitives one-by-one.


Received on Sunday, 6 October 2002 05:27:09 UTC