Refactoring OWL Lite - a proposal based on implementation in rule-based systems

Hi all,

as usual time runs short before the monday meeting and
my proposal comes a bit late to consider it already there.
However, we might be able to talk about it on one of the
following telcons.

My idea is to base OWL Lite on its implementability in the
via Datalog. This could be provided by SQL:1999 conformant
relational databases and logic programming systems.

I propose the following features:

(1)Primitive classes
(7)(un)named individuals 
-> and thereby equivalentTo

This differs from the current OWL Light in the following way:

- no cardinality
- no someValuesFrom

+ hasValue
+ intersectionOf

The proposal is motivated by Datalog theory, and 
can be easily implemented on top of cheap, existing, off-the-shelve and 
widely availabe technology.

I didn't look to much into datatypes yet, which I will do in the following
weeks, it should also be supported by OWL Lite (and it shouldn't be too 
difficult with the above-mentioned systems).

If you are interested why cardinality is out and hasValue in, you are
invited to read the attachment (13 pages).

Best regards,


Received on Friday, 4 October 2002 13:23:44 UTC