RE: when consensus competes with a schedule: formal objections

Attn: Patel-Schneider
> [[
> VOTE. A vote was taken on whether or not to approve the OWL test cases
> as described in jjc's email.  The vote passed with one opposed (pfps),
> one abstention (ChrisW) and the rest positive.
> ]]
>  -- 29Aug minutes
> I expect the WG to work that one out too. But Peter,
> you have the right to include a formal objection
> if we don't eventually work things out to your satisfaction.


I have worked at understanding your objections, and hope that they have now
been addressed by, the test doc for review (assuming that it is acceptable
to the WG) - vis:
- the descriptions of those tests
- and the process


Received on Wednesday, 2 October 2002 04:04:21 UTC