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>  rdf:ID="VIN:FOO"     (IDsymbol is an XML Name.)
> Where is this ruled out?  Or is it permitted and if so what does it
> mean?

This one is probably not yet in any published doc really. M&S is at best
ambiguous, it really ought to refer to XML Namespaces NC Colon but doesn't.



(this is not yet approved).

>  rdf:about="FOO"      (rel_path)
>  rdf:about="FOO#BOO"  (rel_path + fragment)
>  rdf:about="VIN:FOO"  (absolute URI with opaque part)

The newer specs are clear that:

1) The RDF graph requires absolute URIs
2) That relative URIs in RDF/XML are converted to absolute URIs using
RFC2396, and xml:base, if any.
3) That rdf:about takes a URI not a qname.
Thus all three examples are legal, but VIN:FOO is a distinct uri from an
unregistered scheme VIN, rather than the uri which is formed from the qname

Dan is right to point out that the RDF validator does encapsulate most of my
knowledge. Things missing at the moment are:
 - the illegality of " 1 " when an integer is required (depends on RDF
datatyping that is not finished)
 - rdf:parseType="Collection" support (present in the Jena CVS but not in
any released version - next release this week or next, probably a little
time before it gets into the validator).

But it does report an error on the obscure namespace erratum!


Received on Tuesday, 1 October 2002 07:37:34 UTC