Re: GUIDE: small comment on WD

I needed to work with the wine.owl file, and found a number of bugs.

I fixed them, and attach the result.

The parser I used was that found in Jena-1.6.0 downloadable from
However I found a defect in that it seemed to regularly report an array
index problem when converting this file into N-Triples, but it did the
conversion never-the-less. The RDF validator is using an older version that
does not support rdf:parseType="Collection".
I hope to do a newer version with rdf:datatype support sometime this week.
(I am no longer sure who maintains the validator, I maintain the underlying

(Note: the 'fixed' wine.owl file has incorrect changes for occurrences of

The main problem was the use of rdf:resource attributes inside nodes inside
Apologies for not catching this earlier.


Received on Monday, 18 November 2002 09:17:57 UTC