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Re: proposal: Structured Datatypes

From: Jim Hendler <hendler@cs.umd.edu>
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 23:03:15 -0500
Message-Id: <p05111730b9ef96305eaf@[]>
To: "Jonathan Borden" <jonathan@openhealth.org>, <www-webont-wg@w3.org>

At 10:38 PM -0500 11/6/02, Jonathan Borden wrote:
>it seems to me that structured datatypes fall squarely within the charter of
>WebOnt. I mean, gasp, if this is something you are not comfortable doing,
>why would this be an OWL *requirement*

because we didn't think it would be as hard as it is, and we were 
wrong.  Sorry, guess we're not always prescient.

>besides, RDFCore *isn't* dealing with XML dataypes (the ones that have XML
>in them a.k.a. XML Schema complexType) and as you say this is an issue that
>we will continue to face over and over until it is properly dealt with. An
>ideal solution would model an XML Schema particle as an owl:Class, but at
>the very least I'd like to be able to talk about pieces of XML e.g. say that
>this is the sameIndividualAs that or that this XML type is the sameClassAs
>that etc.

yes, they're not talking about
them because they're hard - and I don't see why they're easier for us 
than for them?

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