WOWG: STRAW POLL for f2f5 location

  the straw poll for the location of f2f5 is now open. I think there 
seemed to be a consensus that late Dec wouldn't work, so we'll only 
hold a straw poll on that if I hear people prefer Dec (23-31 range) 
over mid-Jan.  Exact dates are obviously dependant on where we choose 
to hold the meeting, but assume roughly comparable to last year's 1st 
f2f and we'll settle dates w/the host as soon as one is picked.
  Lynn S. and others expressed concern that a pure preference poll 
wouldn't work, so we're going to try a "rank ordering" straw poll. 
Instructions are on the web page for the poll [1].
  Due to the way this stuff works, I'm not 100% sure that the below is 
the right link -- if there is a problem w/it, please let me know asap
  The poll is now open, and remains so until August 14, I will report 
on the results at the Aug 15 telecon (and you should be able to see 
the running tally on the page below)

  This is a bit of an experiment w/this software, so please let me and 
Dan know if you have trouble using it.
p.s. The poll is restricted to one person per organization - if you 
find you are locked out - let us know and we'll work out a fix

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