Re: XML entities in WG documents

> I have noticed that some WGs are using a way of shortening the strings used
> in, for example, rdf:ID.  I think that they are using something called XML
> entities.  Would this be useful for us?

I use entities extensively in my DAML+OIL content, e.g. [1]
(IE may expand these for you in its built-in XML viewer).

Fine point:  entities actually aren't useful with rdf:ID,
since IDs are relative to the containing document, but
they're very helpful with rdf:about and rdf:resource.

I recall some concern that entities might go away in future
versions of XML.  Hopefully "RDF 2" will allow use of QNames
before that happens.


Received on Thursday, 18 July 2002 14:08:38 UTC