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I volunteer to co-author.


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I have volunteered to take the lead on this document.  The plan is to
get a solid draft out sometime in late August, six weeks before the 
Bristol meeting.

First question: Who wants to co-author?  The people listed below
either have already volunteered (x), were mentioned as having
previously expressed an interest, or are authors of one version of the
'Annotated DAML+OIL Ontology Markup' document, which I expect to
provide some starting points. 

x Michael K. Smith 
x Deborah McGuinness 
  Lynn Stein, 
  Ora Lassila 
  Dan Connolly 
  Frank van Harmelen 
  Ian Horrocks 
  Peter Patel-Schneider 

Second question: Outline

I haven't found much relevant email on this topic other than the note
from Guus:

Combining that with the contents of the 'Annotated DAML+OIL Ontology
Markup' document (
and the OWL Lite/OWL breakdown, I have come up with the very preliminary
outline below (correct me if I've got the scope of this document
wrong).  Note that I may not have names of OWL components up-to-date, I 
took them from the Feature Synopsis dated 2 July, but which was last 
saved 5 July

- Introduction
  - Why (steal from other docs or maybe just point to them)
  - Some indication of the kinds of things you can expect to be able
    to express in OWL. Perhaps some specific indications of what
    you cannot.
  - Brief history - RDF, RDFS, DAML+OIL (steal or point to)
  - Background - URI's, XML, ... (steal)
- Housekeeping 
  - Setting up namespaces 
  - Ontology headers
  - Importing ontologies (w/ forward pointer to Ontology Mapping)
  - Dublin Core metadata (????)
- Simple Classes and Individuals
  - Defining simple hierarchical named classes (class, subClassOf)
  - Defining individuals (individual)
- Datatypes (user-defined XML Schema datatypes) 
- Simple Properties 
  - Defining properties (property, subPropertyOf, domain, range)
  - Part-whole relations (????)
- Property axioms (characteristics and restrictions)
  - transitive, symmetric, functional 
  - isTheOnlyOne, eachValueFrom, someValueFrom
  - simple cardinality 
- Ontology mapping 
  - sameClassAs, samePropertyAs
  - sameIndividualAs, differentIndividualFrom 
- Complex Classes (axioms and constructive classes)
  - Class relations - oneOf (enumerated classes) 
  - Class relations - disjoint classes
  - Class relations - sameClassAs, subClassOf applied to class expressions 

  - unionOf, intersectionOf, complementOf 
- Complex Property axioms
  - Full cardinality
  - Defining property attributes (transitive, ...)
  - Defining property restrictions 
- Idioms (????)
  How to assert commonly desired relations whose expression in OWL 
  may not be obvious. 
- Entailments (????)
  E.g. how to ask questions of a KB.
  Is this too implementation specific?  Not all OWL implementations
  will support full OWL reasoning. 
  - Questions about classes     (all x: C(x) -> P(x,b))
  - Questions about individuals (C(a), P(a,b))
  - Retrieveal of sets of individuals ({x : C(x)}, {x : P(x,b)})
  - ...

plus references and some appendices:

- OWL, DAML+OIL and RDF Schema (issues involved in transitioning) 

Michael K. Smith
EDS - Austin Innovation Centre
98 San Jacinto, #500
Austin, TX  78701

* phone: +01-512-404-6683

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