Comments on OWL Web Ontology Language 1.0 Reference Description

Comments on OWL Web Ontology Language 1.0 Reference Description

Thanks for the good work.

Here are a few comments/suggestions:

1 – I think the intro should mention the OWL vs. OWL lite distinction.
There is a vague reference with the feature synopsis name but I don’t
think that is enough.
I suggest that we add a sentence in the introduction mentioning that the
webont committee has described a limited version of the full OWL
language referred to as OWL Lite.  The high level description of the
document is in the Feature Synopsis Document.  The detailed description
of both languages is contained in this document.

2 – The feature synopsis document needs some more specific document to
point to for more information on OWL lite.
I expected that it would point to the reference document for more
That may mean that where there is a distinction between OWL and OWL
lite, it should be mentioned in this document so that people going to
this document for reference know what not to use.  Many people use the
cut and paste working style so they may end up cutting and pasting
features in OWL out of this document without knowing when they thought
they were getting just OWL lite.


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