ADMIN: tips for scribes: clear link to previous minutes

I'm updating the WG home page; among other
things, indexing the telcon minutes.

Ideally, this is an easy job: I just find any
recent meeting record, and it will have
a link to the previous meeting record,
under the 'admin: review of minutes' item.

But unfortunately, many of our meeting
records don't have that, so this is taking
a while.

So please, when we review the minutes, make
a clear pointer to what we're reviewing.
It should be easy: there should be a bit
in the agenda you can just copy; e.g.

| 1.2) Minutes August 1 telecon
| PROPOSED to accept the following as a true record:

Please make sure any documents discussed in
the meeting are cited (by URI, title, date,
and author, preferably).

Always cite the agenda too; sometimes that
will make up for missing citations in
the meeting record.

I believe I have given this tip before; it's in the
W3C guidebook, under meetings:

In particular, the "Quick and Dirty Minutes" item:

I have an additional request: put a reference (the date
and the URI of the record) to the previous meeting in
each agenda and/or meeting record. Referencing today's
meeting in next meeting's agenda is one way for the chair
to "approve" the minutes; s/he can note/reference
corrections at the same time.

Plus, you get a quick-and-dirty hypertext decision
record: if you find a recent meeting, you can follow
the path into the past.

Dan Connolly, W3C

Received on Tuesday, 27 August 2002 10:05:34 UTC